Ocean Plasma- Living Water

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Shipping of Ocean Plasma Retail Orders of Ocean Water (not Bulk Sea Water) ...

Shipping considerations1111...

Shipping of Ocean Plasma retail products to Canada and the USA is usually free,
except for items falling into these price brackets ...

Shipping of Ocean Plasma retail products to International Destinations
is quoted to the client prior to placing an order. See details below ...

...to Canada and USA

All orders for US CLIENTS are shipped from our Champlain, New York warehouse. We pride ourselves on fast efficient service by USPS or Fedex.

... to UK and other
European Countries

All shipments will be made from the U.K.

Please contact:
Your Health Basket
Boreham CM33BE
Phone: 1245905505

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... to Asia, Africa, Australia or other far-away places

Please ask for a quotation for the cost of shipping of your order before placing your order.

All such orders must use the Ocean Plasma Payment Checkout in the cart
(not PayPal) because such orders need to include the agreed shipping charge.