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Ocean Plasma Inc. has received a number of comments from various localities regarding the Health
Canada advisory which has now been posted on the Internet for some seven years. This advisory
has been harmful and prejudicial to Ocean Plasma’s good name and reputation.

We maintain our previous response (see below). But now is the time to add a further response.
Ocean Plasma Inc. has been assisting clients world wide since October 2005, who have without
one negative report consumed our products safely and healthfully. Why then does Health Canada
persist in advising that Ocean Plasma products are of questionable quality?

This company is proudly Canadian! We will continue to furnish Ocean Plasma products of the highest
quality. We strongly call on Health Canada to remove the “Advisory” from the Internet. This seven (7) year old vendetta (advisory) is unjust, untrue, and not in keeping with the standards expected of an agency that should be dedicated to the welfare of consumers.

For this reason, we urge readers to disregard the Health Canada advisory on the Internet. Please do not hesitate to contact Ocean Plasma Inc. if you have any concern.  

Ocean Plasma's isotonic and hypertonic solutions are bottled in a state-of-the-art Canadian bottling facility with utmost care and following strict quality control standards using a double filtration process the most stringent of which is an absolute filtration of 0.2 microns and supplementary medical-quality ozone purification. All production batches are tested by an approved lab prior to release for sale to the public. Our products do not fall under the control or inspection of Health Canada.
Since the Spring of 2006, Health Canada has maintained an Internet advisory regarding an Ocean Plasma product batch that was voluntarily withdrawn by Ocean Plasma Inc. from the Canadian market at that time - just to please Health Canada. This lot never harmed anyone. Sometime after the "advisory" was posted, it was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Health Canada only acted on a malicious complaint that originated from a disgruntled competitor. Clearly, product lots that have been sold since then are not subject to such Health Canada notice. We strongly object to this totally irrevelant and out-of-date advisory but find ourselves unable to convince Health Canada to remove it.
Ocean Plasma enjoys the trust and support of consumers in the United States, Canada, Australia, Holland and many other places, worldwide. Customer feedback attests to the fine standard of quality and effectiveness of our Ocean Plasma products.
Peter Margo
Ocean Plasma Inc.