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Here is just a small crossection of customer opinions...

Juergen B. says:


"It is not exaggeration when I say that I have taken Ocean Plasma for years! I can ingest as much as 8 ounces at a single sitting but I love the way it then purges my digestive system of all toxic residue - without any side effects or consequences. I just have to remember to drink enough water afterwards.

By the way - I have lost 25 pounds on this regimen and I love it!"

Christa S. says:


"Trace minerals is a touchy subject. You simply cannot find a product that is easily assimilable and that is immediately available to the body tissues. I have taken a multitude of piils and capsules, only to find them in the toilet when eliminating. What a waste of money!. Not so with Ocean Plasma! Here I am confident that I am taking a trace mineral supplement that is immediately absorbed and utilized by my body and I can feel the difference!"

If Dixie could talk she would say:


"I am a female dog, a fine Lhasa Apso - 11 years old now - and feeling fine. Not only do have an unusual sunny disposition but I also am free of the usual symptoms of arthritis that afflicts little dogs like me all the time. Thanks to a daily dose of Ocean Plasma in my drinking water, I feel active and energetic all day long and really appreciate my Masters for giving me this fine nutritional supplement - ideal for little doggies like me!"

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