Ocean Plasma- Living Water

Ocean Plasma - you can't improve on Nature!


I am privileged to share with you a promising new approach to Hydro-therapy - one that can contribute also to your professional success.

The use of purified ocean water for therapy began over 100 years ago with the discoveries of Rene Qunton, a French biologist.
Please go to www.oceanplasma.org for historical information about his work.

We participated in a 5-year trial at the colonic clinic of Lucie Courchesne, N.D. to reliably confirm that Northern Water (Ocean Plasma) is safe and effective for Hydro-therapy. You will find her report here and also on YouTube Logo - see below).

Both Lucie Courchesne and I would be pleased to answer your questions and share our experience.

We also offer an unconditional money-back guarantee that Northern Water will perform flawlessly. We are confident that you will be pleasantly surprised by the beneficial results after the first Northern Water treatment.

The 20 Litre container delivers enough water for 20 colonics.

We would like to offer you a very special introductory price to try Northern Water in your clinic.

Please click here to take take advantage of this offer.

We look forward to being of service to you.
Thank you.
Peter Margo  

Peter Margo
President of Northern Water, a
Division of Ocean Plasma Inc.

Peter Margo with Ocean Plasma

Lucie Testimonial

Click on the letter above to read the details of Lucie Courchesne's 5-year clinical trial using Northern Water in her Hydro-therapy clinic.