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  April 2014



We would like to take this opportunity to send you our first Newsletter, and to thank you for your past orders of our Northern Water.

Last July we were contacted by the parent of an autistic boy, who explained that he had not been able to find an economical source for the ocean water that is required in the therapy pioneered by Kerri Rivera. He asked us if we would consider supplying our 20 Liter containers to parents of afflicted children, who require larger than usual volumes of ocean water. He also offered to post Ocean Plasma Inc. on the Face Book Page.

We were delighted to accept his order and the Face Book posting.

The rest is history. We are now proud to inform all our many clients that this one phone call has enabled us to supply parents all over the United States, every province in Canada, and many European countries.  We are now represented in the United Kingdom by a fine distributor, "YOUR HEALTH BASKET"


Phone: (44) 1245905505

Nearly every day brings a new inquiry or order. We have made many friends and have learned from our discussions and E Mails from so many of you! We were astounded to learn how serious a problem Autism has become, and how limited the medical treatments seem to be until Kerri Rivera's book has changed the outlook for thousands of children world- wide.

We have become interested in the way chlorine dioxide is provided and used in the therapy. In our next Newsletter we will inform you about a simple and highly effective way to produce chlorine dioxide, safely and very economically.

We look forward to exchanging ideas and information and will continue to send you news.

Best wishes and many thanks,

Yours sincerely,

Peter Margo


Ocean Plasma Inc.




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