Ocean Plasma- Living Water

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To respond to the demand for ocean water as a supplement in certain nutritional programs, we have made available our 20 liter containers of “Northern Water” for purchase worldwide. These bulk ocean water containers are normally supplied to colonic hydro therapists, and not to the public. We are making this container available at this time to make it possible for all individuals on special nutritional programs to be able to have access to bulk purified ocean water at an economical price.

Unlike other Ocean Water providers who find it necessary to label their containers as "Not for human consumption", we stand behind our claims to harvest, process and deliver the best possible Ocean Water this side of the Atlantic.

Here is a typical test report from S & M Labs, Longueil, QC Canada. Lot numbers 1-5:

We also offer a 10 Liter container to individuals who may wish to start with a smaller size.  

Note: We currently process our Northern Water orders with manual credit card payments.
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