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In this page, we provide some contemporary anecdotal testimonials from actual users of Ocean Plasma®. More testimonials will be shown as they become available.

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Christina C. - A grateful mother of 3 sons
Dianne T. - A moving testimonial involving herself and a dog
Vernon D. - Short but to the point
Peter. M. - A new way to take Ocean Water
Tom W. - A satisfied consumer
Sheila J. - A practitioner's contribution
Cheryl W. - A senior citizen's testimonial
Anthony M. - An Ocean Plasma fan from Australia
Tom Fraser - Praise from an N.D.
Jim Dooley - Success! No other treatment was used!
Lucie Courchesne, N.D. - Ocean Plasma enhanced my clinical colonics practice
John Gaherty - Business Supervisor - infected leg with severe cellulitis
Don Cuthbert - Eczema and Oceanplasma

My name is Kristina I have 3 sons, one of them was diagnosed with Crohn’s and colitis I tried steroids for four days and then I decided to stop and do the natural way after researching I came upon a guy he is called Heal your gut Guy I listen to his free seminar and the rest I had to pay to find out his research. He was saying that doctors took away 10 years of his On just symptoms relievers but nothing to heal him so he left them and started natural stuff and that wasn’t working then he started to research more and he came upon something called to fix your water terrain and I’m like what is water terrain??? It’s basically a fluid in your body and if that is screwed up no matter what you take natural or medicine nothing will be working it will just go right through you so to heal that you needed RAW SEA SALT WATER  and he had two links one for Quinton sea salt water and one was OCEAN PLASMA. I tried both I prefer the OCEAN PLASMA HYPERTONIC which means not diluted by water and better prices. Even though the other on is in glass Vials and more price doesn’t mean it will work better. OCEAN PLASMA-worked better for us maybe cause there was more of it . And on this website I like how they were talking about fixing the Colin and bunch of different problems so while I was waiting for my package we went to the ocean and your body is like a sponge it absorbs. He got better in two days got solid poop he also swallowed some water because this guy said to do it it was safe. I like that the OCEAN PLASMA water comes from the deep part of the ocean cold pressed which  is safe and clean. After drinking on empty stomach in mornings and after food to digest the food and the whole day everyday for 6 months he was fully healed. And stick into the right diet which was White rice chicken liver paste that I made and Raw Goat Milk and runny boiled eggs from a local farmer no sugar nothing sweet and water with raw honey mix and couple other things. GOD didn’t create us stupid HE gave us Natural WAYS on healing and I am so BLESSED to have found the right information.Thank you OCEAN PLASMA, GOD BLESS and your company!!! And GOD BLESS Heal your Gut Guy that has addressed me to the right information!!!! Hope this helps you on your journey to healing and finally enjoying life and remember no such things as short cuts! It’s a process GOD give you patience GOD BLESS!


I've been doctoring my daughter's year old pit bull for some time now. I had her a couple of months ago and thought she was stabilized but she took a turn for the worse and came back about 3 weeks ago. Poor Chloe has the sweetest, most loving nature I've ever encountered in a dog despite the bad rap her breed gets (although I would never own a dog with a 2,000 lb bite on my own). She's been through hell--she started out with ringworm, got taken to a vet and soon after got parvo and barely survived that, then developed a mite infestation --sarcoptic, I think--the most serious kind but least contagious. She about killed herself scratching, lost all her hair, and was deeply inflamed when I first saw her--but so loving I took pity and rescued her. She was almost hairless at the time, but had gotten some treatment and was over the
worst, except that she was in a stage of bacterial infection resulting in pustules all over her body.

In late summer (2005), I treated Chloe with probiotics and Dr. Jorden's "Garden of Life" Perfect Food (for inflammation), along with RM-10 (mushrooms and a couple of other ingredients) along with using the light salve in my escharotics protocal for the bacterial infections. That's before I got my hands on Ocean Plasma® and started using it on myself. The dog did well and I thought she was stable, but the next time we saw her she was broken out again so we took her back, at my daughter's request.

The poor thing still had nothing but a quarter inch stubble of hair that came off in your hands, grayish, thickened, leathery skin and pustules all over her body, with almost raw feet between her toes and on the bottom of her feet around the pads. She didn't respond to the same regimen this time, and I had lost hope of getting her well enough to live a normal life. In fact, we had considered having this sweet creature put down if her feet got any worse.

But... about week ago (1 Dec, '05)... I started giving Chloe a full tablespoon of Ocean Plasma® mixed with spring water (to make 3 tablespoons) with some canned dog food. I noticed a couple of days ago that her skin looked different. It was becoming mottled, with pink showing through the gray. Also two days ago, I added Budwig's mix along with the Ocean Plasma®.

Today, (5 Dec, '05) I happened to see her in direct light and it about put me on the floor. Her skin is softening up and the pink is more predominant, but the most noticeable thing is her hair. She has grown hair on the her back that is about twice as long as the bristly stubble on the rest of her body, with the addition of two actual tufts of hair--the first I've ever seen on her. I wish I had started taking pictures of her before I did anything, but who knew? I will do so today and photographically document her progress, and I will send you e-copies to add to this page.

I am still stunned, even though I know how potent the effects of Ocean Plasma® can be.

For myself: So far, my adrenal-related conjunctivitis which caused such blurriness to my vision that I haven't been able to read for months (on the computer I can enlarge the print, obviously)has improved so much I can spend hours instead of minutes online. I may even be able to finish "The anatomy of the spirit" finally, and all of those other books I've acquired
without being able to read.

My energy levels are higher--I don't really feel it but find myself doing more physical activity than before.

I've have had a few hypoglycemic slumps but no crashes that laid me right down, and that used to happen on a daily basis.

My sleep patterns have changed. I used to suffer from both narcolepsy-type crashes coupled with insomnia. Now, I go right to sleep without waking up or thrashing around during the night...or if I choose to stay awake I can take a nap and work. It's very strange but wonderful.

My middle-aged possibly prolapsed bladder has strengthened. I'm no longer considering a surgical "fix."

An appetite "thermostat" has been installed. When my adrenals and thyroid crashed in 2000, I gained weight that has been abysmally hard to take off, and now I think there's a chance of getting back to my "fighting" form.

A back injury in 2002 became complicated with arthritis and stiffness that had made me almost disabled. I handled the arthritis, but was left with sacroiliac pain and general stiffness that had still affected normal functioning. The pain is gone, and the stiffness very much reduced. In fact, I'm considering going out and jogging today for the first time in several years.

My dear beloved friend, you have been a blessing in my life that makes my eyes "water" just to consider. I'm so glad I "plagiarized" your Ocean Plasma Case History web page from the "Forbidden Medicine" site that neglected to attribute the report to its proper author. But I had to laugh at the incident and think of how we connected, and what I have gained from just knowing you via cyberspace connection.

Fondly, D.

Note by Ocean Plasma Inc.: Dianne is a Health Researcher of the highest caliber. She has a gorgeous web site http://truthquest2.com that is a joy to peruse.

I previously ordered the 1L Hypertonic solution back in October and found the product cured me of stomach and chest pains suffered at the time. My heartfelt thanks for a truly remarkable product.

Vernon D. - Carlisle  UK

I have been  consuming both Hypertonic and Isotonic Ocean Plasma products since their inception,
In 2005. I drink the Hypertonic Ocean Plasma three times daily, 10 ml- 1/3 ounce before breakfast,
lunch and supper, 20 minutes before the meals, as suggested.
The benefits that I have experienced are as follows. I have not had a single cold or seasonal infection
since I have consumed Ocean Plasma products. I have improved my ability to walk for long distances
without fatigue, and to drive my car for long distances , also without fatigue.
I use the Isotonic formula weekly in combination with the regular coffee enemas which I have done
for many years. By adding the Isotonic Ocean Plasma to the organic coffee I have improved the
action of the enema in several ways.
First, the enema is accelerated because the flow into the colon is much faster.
Secondly, the liver now is detoxified not only with the caffein but also with the ocean water. The result
is a remarkable increase of my body energy and a wonderful feeling of well being.
I am a senior citizen in my late seventies. I feel as vital as I did twenty years ago. I sleep well, have no
food cravings, and am often mistaken for a much younger man because of my appearance.
Ocean Plasma has become an important foundation for my life.
Peter M. - Montreal QC Canada.

  Dear Ocean Plasma,
...the more of this stuff I drink the more I want to drink, and the more I do drink. Myself and my 11 year old son too.  It brought my 88 year old mother back from the dead after 4 strokes and two broken hips when there was not a shadow of hope in sight.  It's been more accurately a metamorphosis.  I never thought I would talk to her again and never would have...guaranteed.  She can even read again!  She could barely swallow this stuff when we first started. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.  They are backing off that diagnosis now.
Tom W. - Waycross Georgia USA


As an alternative natural health practitioner it has been exciting to be able to sell the ocean plasma water and get many positive feedbacks from my clients. I know of no other product on the market that is suitable for such a wide range of clients of all ages that effectively detoxifies and maintains absorptions of vitamins and minerals at the same time. Often when on detoxification programs some fatigue is one of the many complaints that clients experience. But when on the plasma water they glide through the process and feel the energy and become stronger within a few weeks.

Seniors with poor absorption of vitamins and minerals do not have to break down tablets filled with binders and fillers of cheap vitamins that they take due to mass advertising campaigns with discounts always for seniors. Many seniors are already on too many medications and feel helpless when it comes to lack of energy and are told to take a senior one a day vitamin tablet.

With so much attention deficit in our younger generation I have found that the plasma water benefits these children to reduce stress and fatigue and at the same time consume the necessary vitamin and mineral content that these growing children need. Many autistic children benefit from this ocean water for their hyperactivity.

Acid reflex is often one of the complaints that several of my clients have when they first come to see me and until they change their diets and ph balance their digestion is totally out of balance. Ocean Plasma water changes the ph balance to a less acidic environment and the person can then digest, absorb, utilize and metabolize their food intake.

When my clients are in the hospital and have had surgery their families take them plasma water and give it to them to strengthen and aid in a quicker recovery.

With the cost of vitamins and every company trying to get their product on the shelf my clients have found that the ocean plasma is the cheapest way to consume the necessary requirements to balance the body and assure them a safe alternative.

Sheila J. - Sault Ste. Marie ON Canada


My testimony...

I wanted to let you know just how much the Isotonic Plasma Water has helped me. I have interstitial cystitis and have been unable to take any prescription medication for the symptoms. Prior to taking the Plasma Water I just suffered with urgency, frequency, pain and sometimes severe cramps.
I was only able to stand for short periods of time (5 to 10 mins.) and unable to walk for long without sitting down. It was difficult to do dishes or clean the house without taking frequent breaks.

Within a few days of taking the Plasma Water (1oz. 4-5 times /day) my symptoms started to subside. As well as being able to do my housework I can go shopping now and I sleep better at night. It has improved my quality of life so much.

The first time I started taking the Ocean Plasma my symptoms all but disappeared. When I stopped taking it because I ran out the symptoms
Came back. I restarted taking it and had good results again. I stopped taking it a second time to see if it would have the same effect and it did. I do not want to be without it ever again. I want to thank you for bringing this product to market, may God bless everyone involved. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Cheryl W.


Dear Ocean Plasma,
I am a private citizen looking to invest in my health and improve my health. Ocean Plasma seems like the perfect way to boost my nutrient intake while looking after my immune system as well.  What intrigues me the most is the 92 elements that I feel my body might not be getting from my daily food intake. I first read about sea water and it's benefits when you posted an article in Nexus Magazine, which I am a big fan of. I sort of forgot about it, but now I feel I want to take my health to the next level, so I am constantly researching ideas. Your article impressed me so much that I thought of Ocean Plasma. I am quite excited to try this product and feel I will definitely benefit from it. At the moment I have a more lucrative job, so I am able to invest in health products that I have always wanted to try.
There are very few people who genuinely want to share their health products with the world because they care about other people. I feel that you and your company are one of these people.
Kind Regards,
Anthony M.

Dear Ocean Plasma People,
I am writing this letter to tell you about the amazing results I have experienced after using your miracle product, “Ocean Plasma” on myself but also on my horses and dogs as well!

I was very ill with the flu last year and did not get my flu shot.  My wife gave me a few glasses of your product and within 24 hours my flue was gone!  Now I use it everyday as a preventative and I feel amazing! I just turned 65 and feel like a 30 year old! And it’s not a notion in my head because I feel it in my body.  It is like receiving a blood transfusion everyday.  I have told several people about it and now they too are believers! 
Next, my wife Collette and I raise champion German Shepherds.  At one point our mother dog gave birth to nine puppies.  The entire litter all got ill with diarrhea and two of them died within 48 hours. The other seven looked like they would also perish.  It was then that we started injecting them with Ocean Plasma three times a day and their diarrhea immediately stopped…they started to eat again and the rest of the litter all survived.  Ocean Plasma literally brought them back to life.  They all thrived and grew into championship quality dogs. 
Now about my old horse, who like me has been revived by your truly amazing product.  My horse, “Magic,” who was once a championship jumper, and who won many medals in his ‘hayday’, and who is now 17 years old, started losing weight rapidly and had almost stopped eating.  He grew very thin and my wife and I prepared for his loss. Then I suggested we give him Ocean Plasma.  Within a week he gained his weight back, his appetite returned and he is running again with the rest of the herd!  Now we give all 20 of our horses, what we have dubbed the Miracle Product, as a preventative measure.  Their coats are beautiful and glossy and people constantly make remarks on how healthy they look and are.

By the way, we have not had to give our dogs or horses any penicillin or other “shots” for over two years and the Vet does not come around here anymore.

Thank you for providing us with Ocean Plasma.  Please feel free to use our story whenever or wherever you so choose.  If people are skeptical like I was in the beginning, have them call me or visit our farm and see for themselves.

All the best,

Dr. Tom Fraser

Hello Ocean Plasma,

I originally contacted you in regards to a gentleman having a severe blood infection that had so far resisted all standard medical procedures,including antibiotics. His doctors were at a loss as to how to treat his condition and even suggested amputation of the lower leg as a final "solution" to the problem.
I had him take 3 ounces per day of the Marine Plasma Isotonic Solution divided into 3 equal daily doses of one ounce each.
Within 5 days of the first dose, the infection began to abate with a noticeable reduction in the pain and swelling. As of today, three weeks later,  the problem appears to have been completely resolved and the leg has returned to normal color.
No other treatments were used.
Please feel free to call or write if you have any further questions.
I will continue to update you on the gentleman's progress.
Jim Dooley, N .D.


My name is Lucie Courchesne, and I have been operating a colonic clinic in Montreal, Canada for the past 15 years.

Five years ago, I began a clinical trial using purified ocean water to treat many of my clients. I have described my findings in detail, suffice it to say at this point that this new approach of using Ocean Plasma in my profession has helped me to improve my practice and I can categorically say that my clients report that they experience increased energy and well-being as well as reduced discomfort after their visits to my hydrotherapy clinic.
I would be delighted to answer your questions and share my experience with you. Just email me and leave me your coordinates.

Best wishes,

Lucie Courchesne, N.D., H.C., T.R.P.

(Submitted by Jim Dooley who is a healer in Idaho, USA)

To: Mr. Peter Margo-CEO; Ocean Plasma

Dear Sir,

   About a year ago I was diagnosed with a severe case of cellulitis in my lower right leg which the doctors told me presented a potentially very dangerous problem. They immediately responded by prescribing antibiotics for me which I took religiously for 17 days to no avail.  The doctors told me there was a real possibility that I would have the have the leg amputated if the condition continued to worsen.

   Rather than accepting their prognosis, I asked Jim Dooley if he had any suggestions as the problem was only getting worse and the pain and swelling had become unbearable. Jim immediately placed me on on a strict regimen of isotonic Ocean Plasma water. I was not only surprised with the results but the actual taste made it very easy to take. The Ocean Plasma water helped me considerably and allowed me to heal. I would encourage anybody with ailments to consider taking this as it is highly effective.


John Gaherty
Business Supervisor

(Submitted by Don Cuthbert of Regina, Sask. Canada)

Hello Peter,

I thought you might be interested to know that recently we began adding an ounce of Ocean Plasma ocean water to my 5 year old daughter April’s regular drinking water. She has had eczema for several years, which causes such itching on her wrists and arms that she often scratches herself in her sleep until she is raw and bleeding.  

Since she began drinking ocean water her eczema is much better than previously. We had read the attached article about the benefits of ocean water with eczema, but I am still pleasantly surprised with how well it is working, even with only using a very diluted amount (I would say 1 ounce in 10 ounces).  She is probably drinking only 2 ounces per day in total.


For supporting proof, please read the following article bu Dr. Hajime Kimata, MD, Ph.D. - "Seawater for Eczema"

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