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"Aging is one hell of a price to pay for maturity!"

No idea where that came from - but it is true! Our DNA seems to be the blueprint that defines aging to be a normal and unavoidable side-effect of life. It happens to all creatures, large and small, to plants and even to rocks! And the strangest part is that science (geriatrics and gerontology) have no idea of the actual causes of the aging process and the caring and treatment of our seniors is largely a matter of experimentation to discover what works best - and to our seniors' detriment this unfortunately involves mostly drugs.

So, what does Ocean Plasma have to do with the aging process, you ask? Very much! Please read on ...

The Baby Boomer generation has turned into a growing market for any products that can be construed as anti-aging. So the makers of nutritional supplements are presenting many of their products in a new way to entice that market into buying. Vitamins and minerals that were once advertised as being essential to the health of a growing child and young adult are now being touted as anti-aging minerals and vitamins that are essential to not only slow down aging but to start feeling healthier and young again.

Fortunately, this is not just a marketing ploy. It is true that minerals are essential for good health as we age and do help to slow down the aging process and help us to maintain good health. But minerals are largely overlooked in the diet of Americans. In fact nutritional reports often speak of “mineral starvation”. A doctor at the National Academy of Science puts a lot of emphasis on minerals like potassium, magnesium, and phosphorous as being essential in order to properly use all of the body-building proteins that we eat. Dr. Cannon’s research team has found out that without enough potassium in the diet, congestive heart failure could be a result.

Minerals and proteins are actually more important than vitamins in our diet. But vitamins seem to get all of the attention. There are probably many more people taking vitamin supplements than the individual minerals they need, especially after they age of 40. Minerals along with protein are the main things required for good nutrition. Not that vitamins are not required as well. They are responsible for activating the minerals we take.

The Benefits of Minerals

The following are examples of essential minerals that the body needs and what their benefits are:


Many Americans, especially women, don’t get enough calcium. But there is that group who take too much calcium. While it is important for maintaining strong bones it is not the only mineral that is involved with bone density. Calcium should be taken with magnesium at a ration of about 2 to 1. This makes the calcium more effective. Magnesium helps the body absorb the calcium and can protect the heart if sudden changes in blood pressure occur.


Zinc helps in supporting the enzyme function in the body. It can keep your immune system as well as cardiovascular system stay healthy.


Boron is a trace mineral that helps the body better metabolize all minerals that we eat or take as supplements. It is also important in the function of the membranes of cells. Like magnesium and calcium, it is valuable part of bone health. It helps the body absorb and retain calcium. For men, Boron also plays a part in the regulation of levels of testosterone.

Side Effects of Mineral Supplements

A few mineral supplements do have side effects, but they are usually related to taking too much. For instance, there is such a thing as zinc overdose. A dosage of 40 milligrams of zinc is considered to be safe by FDA. Anything more than that can be dangerous.

Can You Get the Right Amount of Minerals from Diet?

While it is true that essential minerals like these and other such as potassium, phosphorous, and selenium can be found in small quantities in the food we eat, food sources don’t usually provide the amount we need. In fact, agricultural scientists believe that our crop lands are so depleted of important minerals that it is contributing to poor nutrition in our country. This, along with other contributing factors, is especially important when it comes to maintaining a proper nutritional regimen for seniors.

Happy Seniors
For caregivers, and seniors alike, it is vital to have the ability to distinguish between age-related changes and pathology. That's not an easy task because many seniors have engrained habits that often contribute to an inability or unwillingness to partake of proper food and drink, of maintaining personal hygiene, of ensuring timely elimination, and a host of other contributing factors that virtually guarantee a distinct and predictable deficiency of sea minerals and micro minerals. These can only be replenished by the elements in seawater.

It is our firm opinion, backed by countless scientific studies, that the many age-related manifestations such as senility, Alzheimer disease (memory loss), poor elimination etc. is due to excess intake of aluminum and fluoride. This can be prevented and probably reversed by a judicious daily intake of Ocean Plasma. If you are looking for some details regarding the interaction of aluminum and magnesium, click here.

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