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This is a reminder to people to eat enough salt

Unlike what is pushed by the medical industry and the Mainstreet Media (MSM), sodium chloride, and especially seawater, is the best there is for your vitality, PERIOD. It will be the most attacked because it does the most good. Potassium Chloride is #2 good, and all you have to do to find it is look for "low sodium" salt, which will be either entirely, or at least half potassium chloride.

Contrary to what you are told in the Mainstream Media, salt is without a doubt the most important mineral in your diet, and restricting it's intake can cause you serious problems.

The scamming MSM community has convinced people that, if they eat salt, they will get "high blood pressure". This is a BOLD FACED LIE. The reality is that, if someone already has high blood pressure, removing salt from the diet will cause a temporary drop in blood pressure, as the body relaxes and goes into a lethargic state from a lack of salt. But as soon as the body balances out at a very low level of salt, the blood pressure problem will return. The relationship between salt and blood pressure is temporary, and is predominantly related to transitions in overall levels of salt in the blood.

The MSM pushed the salt scam to assist in the creation of a lethargic population they could control. There are many other elements of this (fluoride being a big one) but salt is also a major player. Additionally, not having enough salt will lead to a huge number of health problems that never ever get spoken about.

1. The biggest benefit the "elite" get from a lack of salt in people's diets is a lethargic, semi depressed, ill feeling population that is easy to control.

2. A huge side effect of salt deficiency is an increase in cancer. Anyone who has scratched the surface of the real truths behind cancer can tell you that an alkaline condition in the body will prevent cancer. GUESS WHAT? The easiest way to turn the body alkaline is to eat salt. It is a pure alkaline injection. Case in point: "alkaline" batteries have salt as an electrolyte. They do not use acid. I bet you did not know that!

The salt that is used in your energizer batteries is potassium chloride. This is a common component in table salt, and is the direct replacement for sodium chloride. Many table salts are 50 percent potassium chloride, and 50 percent sodium chloride.

Another salt - Cesium chloride, is a bona fide cure for cancer. Cesium is "super alkaline". The biggest problem with the administration of cesium chloride is in preventing it from killing the cancer too quickly. People get excited and take too much, which causes a rapid cancer die off and the blood stream can only handle a certain amount of dead tissue (for your liver and kidneys to filter out). So, cesium chloride should be used with supervision, or a great amount of discipline.

What does this have to do with table salt? Well, a LOT. There is a HUGE connection -

If you look on the periodic table of the elements, you will see that sodium, potassium, cesium, rubidium - all of these elements are in the same vertical column on the left hand side of the chart, and are titled "Alkaline Metals". Now, if you have had any chemistry, you should know that elements which align vertically on the periodic chart will all have similar characteristics. If you compared it to family terms, Rubidium would be the brother of Cesium. Potassium would then be the half brother to Cesium. And sodium would still be close in the family tree - perhaps comparable to first cousin. The characteristics are that close. All are alkaline metals. All explode when they hit water. And therefore, if rationality plays out, and cesium chloride kills cancer like crazy, sodium chloride should at least have a significant impact. And we believe it does.

We believe that the lowering of sodium levels in people's diets has as much to do with the increase in cancer rates as any other variable, and perhaps more so than any other. People can speculate all they want about what really caused the increase, and we'd say we have presented more than loose speculation here. And Potassium chloride is readily available, and is even closer to the guaranteed knock out cure.

Issue 3: Salt and water retention, and the relationship with energy and depression. If you have headaches often, and lack energy, you probably definitely need more salt. And if you have a problem where you pee out all the water you drink as clear urine, only to have that suddenly change to constant dark urine and a headache, it is a near 100 percent certainty your problem is caused by not having enough salt. And no doctor will tell you that. Salt is way too cheap for them to tell you about.

Salt sets your electrolyte balance, and your electrolyte balance determines how much water your body can retain. If you have enough salt (and not too much), you will be someone who can drink a half gallon of water, retain it all without peeing it out, go out and work in the sun, sweat like a pork and go to lunch still having energy. If the heat kills you, and saps your energy instantly, it is extremely probable that it is only because your salt levels are too low to allow your body to hold enough water to cope with the heat. Come bug out time, you'd run 50 feet and die. And that is exactly what the "enemy" wants.

How to set your salt level:

If salting your potatoes tastes so good it makes you crave more salty potatoes, you need more salt in your diet. Salt will taste good for as long as your body needs more. If your blood levels of salt are high, you will feel like even lightly salted food is too salty. AND, if eating salt gives you a headache, but you previously had no headache and more importantly previously you had no lack of energy, then you really have eaten too much salt. If you get too much salt, eating more and more will make you sicker and sicker with a worse and worse headache. Obviously there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Do not just eat salt as an assignment!
The Jews told me so! Yep, when I was in the Jewish community it was made very clear that you should salt the * out of your food. One well salted "Hulk Hogan" would beat the living snot out of a lethargic 3 "Hulk Hogans" who were on the verge of muscle cramps from not being salted enough. And practically everyone in America is that way now. What will that do to your competitive edge when fighting tyranny and trying to get ahead, when the enemy knows well enough to get lots of salt? They will kick your butt 10x over. They will win. And that is a huge component of what the "low sodium" gig is all about.

Source: GLP