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The methods of harvesting Ocean Water were developed by René Quinton, biologist, around 1905 in France. Several criteria were deemed prerequisites: Seawater must never be heated, never be diluted with distilled water (only spring water or reverse osmosis water) and never be in contact with metallic parts; it should always be kept cool and is considered a live substance such as human blood.

Today, those methods are still followed by ocean water processors, however, these days, we have better scientific instrumentation and more effective filtering methods than in the early 1900's and therefore, longer shelf life and better security are achieved.

Ocean Plasma is harvested in the cold Canadian Atlantic waters of Nova Scotia, 35 nautical miles out to sea, from 100 feet deep and in a continual incoming tidal stream. The harvesting is done in calm weather and only in the early Spring when the water is very cold.

Here is a short pictorial of our Ocean Plasma harvesting process (in pictures)...

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Harvesting Ocean Water

Victoria underway

Harvesting Ocean Water

Harvesting Ocean Water

Harvesting Ocean Water

Harvesting Ocean Water

Harvesting Ocean Water

Harvesting Ocean Water

Harvesting Ocean Water 7

Harvesting Ocean Water

Harvesting Ocean Water

Water Treatment:

Once ashore, the raw seawater containers are quickly loaded on a truck and shipped to our processing plant in Quebec where it is subjected to two preliminary filtration processes: a nominal sedimentary filtration with two tandem pleated filters, one of 1.0 microns and the next at a nominal 0.4 microns.

Then, a second much more stringent filtration process takes the seawater solution through a 1 micron and a 0.2 micron filter. This is an absolute process meaning that no molecules larger than 0.2 (1/5) of a micron (µ or µm = micrometer) will remain in the filtered solution. An Ozone purification process, using medical oxygen, is added during all filtration processes. This process eliminates any possible pathogens. A micro-biological test is performed by an independent lab on the resulting cold-filtered solution to establish its purity.

Soon thereafter, the cold ocean water is shipped to a government-certified pharmaceutical laboratory where independent preliminary biochemical tests are performed in order to establish the natural bioburden of the unprocessed water.

When all lab tests disclose a total absence of pathogens, the cold filtered and purified ocean water is filled into appropriately labelled containers, boxed and then stored in a cold envioronment The harvested batch is quarantined until further biological tests have been performed by the lab. These are microbial analyses of the filtrate (filtered seawater) to determine whether the seawater meets the release specification. Only when all tests conform to expectations, is the product released for sale.

Our objective is to keep Ocean Water as pure and unadulterated as possible. We consider Ocean Water a living substance, just like human blood, and we respect it as such.

Unlike other Ocean Water providers who find it necessary to label their containers as "Not for human consumption", we stand behind our claims to harvest, process and deliver the best possible Ocean Water this side of the Atlantic.

Here is a typical test report from S & M Labs, Longueil, QC Canada.

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