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Pregnancy, lactation and spontaneous abortions
(Dr. Jarricot, MD has much to say regarding this matter)

WE all agree - gestating a new and wonderful human being is a distinct privilege! But such a situation has its pleasures and its responsibilities! In this day and age, one cannot simply get pregnant and hope to bring into this world a perfidly normal and healthy human being. One has to work at this task, set into motion several extremely important steps, and with a little bit of luck, one can be quite certain to actually bring to term that wondrous creation - to enjoy for a number of years (until that maturing being decides that it wants to sprout wings and fly).
So, what are these tasks, you ask? First and foremost, one has to create a favorable milieu, an advantageous environment in which this new human being can develop, grow and ripen. This means the best nutrition money can buy (and we have our reservations here). This also means dwelling in a stable mental and emotional environment - and only you can ensure that!

Even if you do everything right - there is no guarantee that the end-result of your efforts will be a 100% viable and healthy human being - but you can do your best, right? Let us illustrate a point of observation...

Some women try to carry a fetus to term - but they end up with a miscarriage time and time again. This is a major problem that has a simple solution. You see, Nature cannot allow a new human being to come into this world without it being 100% healthy and "viable". Nature has an unseen but perfectly functioning selection process that would rather kick a defective creature out of its nest rather than burden the parent with the maintenance of a "defective" offspring for the rest of its life. There are exceptions of course, where the offspring is subjected to certain trauma (and here we are thinking mainly about autistic children who are born entirely normal but later in their young life fall victim to a traumatic event such as a traumatic vaccination). That's an entirely different story - one that we have much experience with and might touch upon in a separate article but not here.

So, you might ask - how can I, the natural biological mother of this baby, ensure this baby's optimal health, development potential and well-being? This is not easy to do if you adhere to mainstream media reports and the well-meaning advice of your pediatrician. You will get lots of good advice but you won't see the jigsaw picture assembled with all the pieces in place. Unless your pediatrician addresses the delicate subject of past conditioning (your previous disappointing lifestyle that might have resulted in one or more miscarriages or still births) or unless he or she addresses your present life style in all of its intricate details, then you might want to look for a health practitioner who takes the necessary time to listen to you and to address the worthwhile changes that are necessary to enhance the eventual health prospects of your developing offspring.

So, what can you do if you have had repeated "misfortunes" regarding the successful gestation of your children?

We know that tubercular heredity and, even more so, syphilitic heredity, causes a great number of premature births, many still-births, and an elevated death rate during the first few days of life. Henri Leduc (Thesis, Paris 1905-1906) has found a death rate of 71% for syphilitic heredity in his maternity ward statistics of the Tenon hospital and this data was collected only from subjects that succumbed during pregnancies or during the first eleven days of their existence. Viable children, born by tainted mothers, are often mentally deficient, have reduced weight, and this is proof that they were hindered during their intrauterine life. All, or nearly all, exhibit anatomical stigma relating back to their pathognomonical origin. Their eventual evolution is generally retarded. Athrepsia and atrophy develops in a notable proportion of these tainted children. Many die during the first year of one of the known affections that usually strike them.

So, as much as we can conclude from still too few, but typical observations, the subcutaneous Marine Treatment, using Ocean Plasma, practiced on women who are pregnant, tubercular or syphilitic, seems ...

  • to bring to term the majority of conceived beings;
  • to prevent still-births;
  • to permit a just about normal development of the fetus and thus raise the possibility of an elevated weight at birth;
  • to curb the mortality rate of the first days, the first month, even the first years;
  • to counteract athrepsia and atrophy;

... and finally, to act so powerfully on the original taint, that the stigmata that are so characteristic of hereditarily challenged children tend to become erased with children that have been subjected to prenatal Marine Treatment (Ocean Plasma).

This is how we see in the first four observations, the only ones we have on mothers that had at least five previous unsuccessful pregnancies before the Ocean Plasma treatment, that the latter decreases the percentage of premature pregnancies from 28% to 0%, the rate of still-births from 14% to 0%, the death  rate of infants before they attain the age of 1 year from 59% to 0%. READ this again!

In that article you will read what appears to us as even more significant, namely that all the children who were prenatally treated with Marine Plasma (Ocean Plasma), are exempt from the anatomical taints of those children that were born from previous pregnancies or at least have fewer taints than usual. Our observations concerning this point are summarized by an article posted in our historical Ocean plasma.org page.

Baby as a gift
In that page, you will have a fine summary of what's involved in bringing to term a perfectly healthy human being, Do yourself a favor and read this article and come back here. You can easily establish a favorable internal terrain of your developing fetus, your developing human being, your own son or daughter - one for whose development you are responsible for.

We are so very pleased that you have read this article to its very end and we are even more pleased that you might be one of those lucky mothers with whom our story resonates as TRUTH and who then follows up on our advice and personal experience. Thanks for listening!!!

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