Ocean Plasma- Living Water

Ocean Plasma is used in a variety of applications with excellent results. Check the Application sub-menu for an appropriate selection.

We are working to expand this menu item to include:

Animals (including René Quinton's famous dog experiments and its modern repeat experiment -
    Veterinarians might benefit from this knowledge)

Prevention of Deficiencies (Replenishment of minerals and trace minerals by oral use of Ocean Plasma)

Pregnancy, pre-natal preparations, lactation and spontaneous abortions (Dr. Jarricot, MD has much to say regarding this matter)

How to "take" Ocean Plasma (ways to introduce Ocean Plasma into the body)

Tuberculosis and the promising aplication of Ocean Plasma as a cure

Notice that we cannot, by law, deal with any disease processes in connection with Ocean Plasma.
Recommending our product for any disease would be a medical act. We stay away from that at all cost!
If you read this, we hope that you have read our DISCLAIMER.

If you want to further educate yourself then we suggest that you consult our historical Ocean Water website.