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ISOTONIC Ocean Plasma - 5 bottles of 120ml

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This product is Isotonic Ocean Plasma in 120ml bottles, sold as a 5-Pack.

It can be taken orally by infants, children, adolescents, adults, seniors, pregnant mothers and athletes alike. This pure but concentration-reduced Ocean Water is filtered to within an absolute 0.2 micron range and is Ozone-treated for long shelf life and safety. It is to be taken as per the health professional's own protocol or can be consumed orally as per the directions on the label. Isotonic Ocean Plasma is diluted with ultra-pure reverse-osmosis water to render it Isotonic, i.e. similar to the consistency and concentration of blood plasma (serum). This makes it perfectly assimilable. To be taken as per the directions on the label.

Side effects: None
Contra-indications: None.



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