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HYPERTONIC Ocean Plasma - Single 1L Bottle

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Price: 69.95  USD

Hypertonic Ocean Plasma - pure and undiluted - sold in individual liter quantities.

A full liter of Hypertonic Ocean Plasma is a valuable dietary supplement that has the ability to reach deep into the human cells to re-establish optimum electrolyte and ph balance. We all need that in order to function as Nature intended. This pure Ocean Water is filtered to within an absolute 0.2 micron range and is Ozone-treated for long shelf life and safety. Did you know that two liters of Hypertonic Ocean Plasma makes seven liters of Isotonic Ocean Plasma when you add five liters of good spring water? This gives you months of dietary insurance to provide all the minerals and trace elements your family needs to build strong and resistant bodies. This product is usually taken orally but many therapists use it in additional therapeutic ways.
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Side effects: None
Contra-indications: As a safety precaution, people with high blood pressure, kidney problems or a salt-reduced diet should use Ocean Plasma's Isotonic Plasma instead.



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