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HYPERTONIC Ocean Plasma - 5 bottles of 120ml

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Price: 41.95  USD

Hypertonic (pure) Ocean Plasma - 5 x 120 ml.

This Ocean Plasma product is the all-time favorite. This pure and undiluted Ocean Water is filtered to within an absolute 0.2 micron range and is Ozone-treated for long shelf life and safety. It is to be taken as per the health professional's own protocol or can be consumed orally as per the directions on the label. It is sold in 120ml bottles - packaged as a 5-pack. This high powered solution is a complete and perfectly balanced combination of macro minerals and trace minerals - every single one is important in the maintenance of good health. Hypertonic Ocean Water is the perfect pH and electrolyte balancing agent - far better than anything offered by man-made substances. Hypertonic (pure) Ocean Water is perfectly assimilable and provides many health benefits.

Side effects: None
Contra-indications: As a safety precaution, people with high blood pressure, kidney problems or a salt-reduced diet should use Ocean Plasma's Isotonic Plasma instead.



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