Ocean Plasma- Living Water

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ISOTONIC Ocean Plasma - Single 1L Bottle

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This Isotonic concentration-reduced Ocean Plasma product is sold in individual liter quantities.
It is not only used by many health-minded persons on a regular basis but also by clinics and professionals such as colon therapy establishments. This pure but concentration-reduced Ocean Water is filtered to within an absolute 0.2 micron range and is Ozone-treated for long shelf life and safety. It is to be taken as per the health professional's own protocol or can be consumed orally as per the directions on the label. Seniors' Residences might want to stock this product in either the Isotonic or Hypertonic form and dispense it to the seniors with the 20ml cup. If taken regularly, many chronic symptoms, mainly due to a difficult and impoverished diet might vanish in a few weeks of taking Ocean Plasma's full spectrum of minerals and trace minerals.

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