Ocean Plasma- Living Water

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Ocean Plasma Retail Products

Ocean Plasma - quality products derived from the ocean

ISOTONIC Ocean Plasma - 5 bottles of 120ml

This Ocean Plasma product is concentration-reduced (isotonic) Ocean Water - cold sterilized and anti-bacterially conditioned. It comes in 120ml bottles -sold as a 5-pack - easy to take, easy to store in purse or backpack or refrigerator. A small 20ml measuring cup accompanies each 5-pack.

SPECIAL #3 - HYPERTONIC Ocean Plasma - 4 boxes of 5 bottles of 120ml each PLUS 1L Ocean Plasma

SPECIAL #3 - Hypertonic Ocean Plasma - sold in case lots of 4 boxes x 5 bottles of 120 ml PLUS 1L of Ocean Plasma. Don't miss this SPECIAL! FREE SHIPPING! Cold-purified Ocean Water, undiluted (hypertonic) - rigorously purified.

Ocean Plasma - Hypertonic - One tray - 30 bottles of 30ml (1 fl oz)

Cold-purified Ocean Water, hypertonic (pure) - rigorously purified. Mineral content is 3.3% (33gr/liter or 1.2 oz/35 ounces).

SPECIAL #4 - ISOTONIC Ocean Plasma - 3 trays of 30 bottles of 30ml (1 fl oz) each PLUS 1L Ocean Plasma

Isotonic Ocean Plasma - Take advantage of this SPECIAL #4! 3 trays (90 - 1 oz bottles) plus 1L of Ocean Plasma for this Special. Plus FREE SHIPPING! Cold-purified Ocean Water, concentration-reduced (isotonic) - rigorously purified.