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"What's in Seawater that's so special anyway?"

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Seawater is a living substance - the very life-blood of the earth. Without the oceans our precious earth would be barren and lifeless, and it is our duty to preserve the ocean's life and quality for as long as we can - for our survival and that of our descendants.

The quality of seawater we are most interested in in this chapter is that it contains all the minerals in the periodic table - even if some are only in parts per million or parts per trillion. Check out the exhaustive chapter on the subject of The Chemistry of Seawater in the Oceanplasma.org website for some interesting reading.
Although the biological necessity or importance has not been proven for every one of these elements, it has been established that at least 24 of these elements are essential to maintain life (see Scientific American, July 1972: The Chemical Elements of Life", by Earl Frieden). It is awesome to realize that some of these elements need only be present in micro concentrations of parts per million to provide or restore essential biological functions. In fact, most trace elements are properly absorbed and utilized safely  only when they occur in parts per million concentration, otherwise, they would be toxic.

Ocean minerals, as present in their pure and unadulterated form in Ocean Plasma, and dissolved gases, besides providing a stable environment for marine life, also help to maintain the chemical and physical stability of living organisms based on dry land assuring the survival of the planet's flora and fauna.

It is in the plant world that the major source of minerals for human nutrition is found: cereal grains, vegetables and fruits. While unrefined ocean salt largely completes the requirements for essential elements, supplying trace minerals that in this day and age of unnatural agriculture are virtually unavailable from the plant world, it is the liquid form of ocean water (Ocean Plasma) that provides the complete spectrum of macro and trace minerals in its ideal liquid form. When consumed in its isotonic form it is immediately available to the internal environment.

The controversy about taking dietary supplements is still raging, especially if these are taken in inorganic solid form rather than through the vegetable realm or in liquid form. What is essential is not the quantity of minerals or trace minerals that are taken but whether they are assimilable and can be metabolized.

Basic biology tells us that th activity of trace elements is most prominent at the level of enzymes that facilitate or regulate the organism's processes. Trace elements are seen as regulators, tending to harmonize the metabolic exchanges that assure normal reaction and function. Their presence endows an organism with the ability of self-restoration of its biochemical equilibrium. This is why we call our Ocean Water (Ocean Plasma) the great "normalizer".

Once Ocean Plasma is taken internally, it is quickly and readily absorbed and assimilated by all body fluids, without any necessary conversion or alteration or adaptation being necessary to harmonize the Ocean Plasma with the body fluid. This is why Ocean Plasma is so important for pregnant mothers, for athletes and for senior citizens.

Minerals and proteins are actually more important than vitamins in our diet. But vitamins seem to get all of the attention. There are probably many more people taking vitamin supplements rather than minerals and trace minerals that they need, especially after they age of 40. Minerals along with protein are the essentials required for good nutrition. Not that vitamins are not required as well. It is said that they are responsible for activating the minerals we take.

Side Effects of Mineral Supplements

A few mineral supplements do have side effects, but they are usually related to taking too much. For instance, there is such a thing as zinc overdose. A dosage of 40 milligrams of zinc is considered to be safe by FDA. Anything more than that can be dangerous.

Can You Get the Right Amount of Minerals from Diet?

While it is true that essential minerals like these and other such as potassium, phosphorous, and selenium can be found in small quantities in the food we eat, food sources don’t usually provide the amount we need. In fact, agricultural scientists believe that our crop lands are so depleted of important minerals that it is contributing to poor nutrition in our country. This, along with other contributing factors, is especially important when it comes to maintaining a proper nutritional regimen for seniors.

The value of Sea Salt
Jacques de Langre, Ph.D. has written an eye-opening and extremely educating book called "Seasalt's Hidden Powers - the Biological Action of all Ocean Minerals on Body and Mind" .

You would be well advised to Purchase this VERY important book (maybe from Amazon.com for less than $15.00 a copy) and to read it attentively. It is filled with information that should be taught in school and passed on as essential knowledge from generation to generation.

We firmly believe that mineral and trace mineral deficiencies often masquerade as symptoms of diseases and our medical system is poorly trained to recognize such deficiencies and are unable to properly diagnose them and to arrive at a meaningful therapy or dosage.

This can be prevented and probably reversed by a modest and inexpensive daily intake of Ocean Plasma. Contact us for further information or order directly from our Ocean Plasma shop.

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