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Do you REALLY need 8 glasses of water (1 1/2L) per day? Don't you believe it! From our perspective - no matter how much water you drink - it does not "cure" dehydration!
Dehydration is not as simple a condition as "lack of water". That's only part of the picture, and a very simplistic one at that.

According to the 18 November, 2011 issue of the UK publication THE TELEGRAPH, the European Union (EU) banned drink manufacturers from making the claim that "water can prevent dehydration".

On the surface, this seems like an idiotic stance to take but one cannot, from our point of view, adopt the flippant view that water is the antidote for dehydration. It is not that simple and straight forward! While we are not allowed to make any medical claims for our product(s), namely Ocean Plasma, we have collected several eye-opening documents that indisputably show that Ocean Water can indeed be a highly effective agent to remedy this serious condition that currently claims the lives of untold thousands of people, mainly in tropical countries and especially affecting children!
In Senegal, Doctors H. Lauture and G. Mbakob (1978) successfully treated one hundred children suffering from profound dehydration caused by diarrheas, vomiting and malnutrition using subcutaneous injections and oral administration of the Marine Plasma. It was made quite clear that otherwise between 40-70% of these children would have died.

Hypertonic SEAWATER and TRAINING of ATHLETES - an Evaluation of the Performance of Cyclists
Dr. Praya (1997) reported that using Quinton Plasma regulates the endocrine system in cases of secondary hyper aldosteronism. He also reported excellent success with oral use of seawater in treating fatigue and maintaining the physical performance of athletes. Dr. Paya used either the isotonic or hypertonic seawater formulas, with both children and adults, in cases of dehydration, asthenia, loss of appetite and convalescence.

Extract from the "CURE MARINE" International Magazine of Thalassotherapy - year 1938, No. 1., Imp. Graphica, Rue des Pelletiers, 16, Bruges, Belgium.

It is remarkable that Ocean Plasma regulates body fluids and therefore has an impact on dehydration problems and on the regulation of the large intestine. Because of the overall action of Ocean Plasma on the internal environment and on the digestive system, it can be employed as a balancing agent in the blood pH and a blood thinner in bloodstreams congested by toxins.
In this paper DR. Passbecq compares, on the one hand, the human terrain and the effects due to its imbalance and on the other, ocean plasma, its composition and vital potential. This will enable us to establish the links between human plasma and ocean plasma and to study the therapeutic effects of ocean water.

Chronic or acute problems of the gastro-intestinal tract (enteritis, dyspepsia) and their cortege of vomiting and diarrhea, as well as intestinal hyperacute catarrh (infantile cholera) often result in persistent dehydration.

Extract from: Dr J. Jarricot, Le dispensaire marin, Paris, Masson 1924
Translated from the French by the Ocean Plasma Team

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