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A Personal Message to my fellow Hydro-therapists.

My name is Lucie Courchesne, and I have been operating a colonic clinic in Montreal, Canada for the past 15 years.

Five years ago, I began a clinical trial using purified ocean water to treat many of my clients. I would like to share my results and findings with you because I think that they may benefit your clients as much as this new approach has helped me to improve my practice.

The ocean water therapy has all but emoluments cramping and spasms. Previously, about 90% of my clients that I treated experienced mild to severe cramping. The Northern Water product that I have been testing has been so successful that my clients are not only paying a little more ($10.00) for their colonics, but also request that I (from then on) always use the ocean water for their treatments.

The Northern Water (Ocean Plasma) provides all the minerals and trace minerals. Therefore, there is no loss of these vital elements during the colonic. In fact, my clients report that they experience increased energy and well-being after their visits.

The pH of the Northern Water is mildly alkaline (pH=7.5). I have been successful in treating cases of acid reflux and acidity symptoms with Northern Water. Many of my clients had this problem.

I have also found that the Northern Water flows quicker and farther (deeper) into the colon than the reverse osmosis water. So I save valuable time.

During the five year trial I can report that not a single client has experienced a negative side effect during or after their treatment with Northern Water.

The manufacturer uses a rigorous purification process to ensure a completely safe product, and they have shown me the analysis of the product by an independent test laboratory.

I dilute each one part of the Northern Water with 3 parts of reverse osmosis water. With the resulting 4 liters I can do a complete colonic. When you view the video (showing you my clinic), you will also see the way I dilute and dispense the Northern Water. You will be able to obtain the same dispenser from Ocean Plasma's Northern Water Division.

Best wishes,

Lucie Courchesne, N.D., H.C., T.R.P.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
1-800-807-0919 or 514-225-1777
Lucie Courchenes

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