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Sea Star
One hundred years ago, Rene Quinton (French biologist) ran several hospitals (not just clinics) where his seawater therapy was successfully applied to even the most hopeless cases, mostly children afflicted with dreaded cholera.

That was a time when the medical climate was very different. Quinton's seawater therapy was such a tremendous "normalizer" for children, even with the most hopeless cases, that it would be difficult to be specific and to say that seawater (Ocean Plasma) was, and still is, "good for this" or "good for that".

Ocean Plasma - at least in its diluted (isotonic) form - is so close to the actual internal body fluids of all mammals, such as blood, lymph and intercellular fluids that this lowly and inexhaustible seawater solution literally transforms, rebuilds and "normalizes" the organism's internal terrain.

We cannot be specific here - and today's medical and legal climate does not permit us to say that Ocean Plasma cures anything or should be used in certain cases or afflictions (see our disclaimer) because not only would this be illegal but it would probably be an understatement for Ocean water's many known and unknown qualities and properties. But here is a supportive article for eczema - just as an example.

It is not our desire to reiterate here what we have already exhaustively detailed in our Ocean Water historical site - but a few clicks on the images below will convince you that are we pointing you in the direction of historical facts. Today, we don't seem to have the freedom to enjoy a genuine spirit of medical and biological scientific discovery and application. It is evident that Quinton and other contemporary medical pioneers were true scientists who practiced so effectively more than 100 years ago when physicians had the professional acumen to actually follow their cases for sometimes more than 25 years. The pictures below prove our point!

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Let's finish this topic on a happy note...

Children playing
All nutritionists will tell you that children need a well-balanced diet of vitamins and minerals. Aside from the fact that nutritionists like to "prescribe" mineral supplements, these are not often assimilable. A better source would be plants that have transmuted the "inorganic" minerals into "organic" ones. The best source would be Ocean Plasma, with its 92 minerals and trace minerals, in a totally assimilable liquid form. And there is no such thing as too much Ocean Plasma (within reason) - the child's body will assimilate exactly what it needs to regenerate and normalize. In our opinion, it would be the ideal preventive supplementation.

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