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Ocean Plasma as a Blood Replacement?

Wow! Have you picked a soul-searching, controversial and downright heretical subject!

Are we serious about this? Yes - and that is a resounding, affirmative YES!

To approach this interesting subject, one needs to know a little more about the fundamental differences between
Isotonic Ocean Plasma and the common Saline Solution (click on the link to have a definition of this term).
Regardless of whether certain religious groups endorse blood transfusions or not, it is still a fact that there are only two distinctly different solutions that are currently considered suitable for human blood plasma replacement - and these are Human Blood (from some else) and Saline Solution.

But there are risks. Just do a Google search for "adverse reactions blood transfusions" and you will shudder at the immense variety of complications that could arise. Is there nothing better to minimize the risks? Are the Jehova's Witnesses totally wrong?

This site (and its affiliated links) is being offered to help explain options that are available when you or a loved one requires a blood transfusion. By knowing your options and by asking the right questions, you will better understand the risks and benefits of blood transfusions (and the alternatives) and be able to make an informed decision about treatment alternatives.

As a good point to start, we think it would be best if you would read Dianne Thompson's article in Nexus Magazine "Seawater – A Safe Blood Plasma Substitute?" (Volume 13, Number 6 (October - November 2006) in its entirety. Then, you might benefit from perusing Rene Quinton's Dog experiments and their follow-up by the Delalande Medical Research Center. Follow your intuition and approach a competent and sympathetic doctor who has the courage to endorse your findings and take action to respect your freedom of choice.

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We really would like to see a human patient who is honest enough, intelligent enough, daring enough and lucky enough to find himself a cooperative doctor or nurse who would (in an appropriate case) use our available knowledge regarding the qualities of ocean water (Ocean Plasma) to infuse his (or her) patient with Isotonic Ocean Plasma instead of someone else's blood or a blood substitute such a questionable and probably toxic Saline Solution. We would love to see the results!!!!

It would not be appropriate for us to pursue this topic any further at this point, however one never knows when the 100th monkey says "enough is enough" and decides to turn the ruling paradigms around. We would be happy to have been instrumental in this process.

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