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Whenever there is physical exertion, loss of electrolytes, expenditure of large amounts of energy, need for rapid recuperation and a host of other important parameters, Ocean Plasma can be instrumental in supplying these needs - making allowances for the age and prior conditioning of the athlete.

It is next to impossible to make sweeping and promising statements regarding the expected results from adding Ocean Plasma to any athletic program and we are almost tempted to say: Show me an athlete and I will show you a way to improve his performance (using Ocean Plasma).

In our Ocean Plasma Historical website we have documented an example of what can be accomplished and, while hardly being a double-blind study, we do have the results of ...


Cyclists using Ocean Plasma

The director of the evaluation: Dr. Marc François PAYA
Director of studies at the Faculty of medicine
Paris XIII and Member of the NEW YORK ACADEMY 0F SCIENCE

The remarkable evidence of the evaluation:

1. There was a reduction in fatigue and dehydration as well as improvement in the recovery of energy after the race, for all the cyclists. All cyclists improved their overall potential.

2. The increased capacity to perform in pursuits and accelerate on hills, showed that the body was mobilizing a greater energy level.

The statistical results of the study can be found in Table 1...

The conclusions of the evaluation: 

The consumption of the HYPERTONIC SEAWATER, based on the prescribed dosages, produced an objective improvement in the physical performance of the athletes as shown by the statistics. The results are particularly significant for the improved level of performance. The capacity to sustain the physical effort on the cycling course and climbing hills as well as a speed in energy recovery after the cycling events improved substantially.

It is our belief, confirmed by the bibliographical references, that the cellular micro nutriments in mineral form, as infused by the HYPERTONIC SEAWATER into the cyclists’ organism, significantly influenced the parameters of this evaluation. These micro nutriments have the identical qualitative composition as the body's inner environment, but they were provided in higher quantities. Thus the use of a totally natural product like the HYPERTONIC SEAWATER opens new avenues for athletes, and offers multiple possibilities without the inconveniences presented by substances considered as "doping", which are often used in the athletic community.

Dr. Marc-François Paya
June 1998

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